To play the urgency of living


Commedia dell' Arte is at the origin of the commonly named school " Le jeu à l’Italienne ». One understands by this, the particular manner to interpret according to the Italian tradition, improvisation and total participation of the body and the voice. Commedia played with masks, is born on the places where the people accomodate it with great enthusiasm because it reflects its daily problems, by the irony and his range to the extremes of the comic one. This mode of play developed and improved until making actors true virtuosos of the voice, mime, song and acrobatics. This took place especially from the moment when Commedia passed from the place to the court of nobles and  spread in all Europe, with a great emulation between the Italian companies. .



Ferruccio Soleri


Famous actor and Italian director.
He begins its theatrical life in 1957 
at Piccolo  Teatro of Milano 
in " the favola of figlio cambiato " of Pirandello. 
Its interpretation  virtuoso of  Zanni 
and various masked characters 
in Piccolo Teatro di Milano 
gave to Ferruccio Soleri a world reputation. 
One will retain his interpretation of  Harlequin in " Harlequin  servant of two Masters " 
under the mythical direction of Giorgio Strelher.

In 1971, Ferruccio Soleri begins the staging, 
with  in particular " It corvo " of Gozzi, 
" I due gemelli veneziani ", " the castalda " 
and "  ventaglio " of Goldoni, and 
in the lyric repertory with amongst other things 
" Livietta  e Tracollo " of Pergolèse, " Il ratto del serraglio " and " la finta  giardiniera "  of Mozart. 

Soleri teaches at the school of 
Piccolo Teatro in Milano,
in the United  States and Japan. 

He is invited for the first time at ARTA.  



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