The Russian school of the actor at the beginning of the XXth century

(Constantin Stanislavski, Mikhael Tchekhov, Maria Knebel : Heritage, Development,  Perspectives)

Natalia Zvereva Director and professor of the GITIS since the last thirty years, heiress from the direct lineage of Maria Knebel, who was herself the privileged collaborater of  Stanislavski. N. Zvereva est the author of numerous works and artles on the theory of the art of the acting  and directing.  She shares her time between pedagogic activity at GITIS andstage direction. 
She has been called upon to direct dramatic arts at numerous schools of theatre outside of Russia. (Denmark, Sweden, Finland,France, and Spain.)
Nikolai Karpov directs at the GITIS since 1976, has the  Chair for Corporal
Expression and teaches scenic movement and fencing.
His method of work allies in a very original way the teachings of Stanislavski and those of  Meyerhold, which gives him a very particular place at the GITIS  and also abroad where he directs numerous workshops.
Recently, he directed a workshop in the theatre of Luca Ronconi in Rome
and he  has already come to ARTA to participate in a workshop of Russian
musical theatre.
Irina Promptova, actress and professor, at the  GITIS since 1965, teaches what she calls  "scenic word": voice, respiration, diction, work on prose, verse and dramatic text.
She holds the  Chair of the Scenic Word  which unites more than 20 professors.
Author of a thesis and numerous works on the scenic word she has been called upon to  direct numerous workshops for actors abroad along with Natalia  Zvereva with whom she works regularly.

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